Volume 6 - 2015 - Index

Issue 1

1. Growth response and mycoremediation activity of Coprinus comatus on heavy metal contaminated media
Dulay RMR, Pascual AHL, Constante RD, Tiniola RC, Areglo JL, Arenas MC, Kalaw SP, Reyes RG
Mycosphere 6(1), 1–7, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/1

2. A taxonomic analysis of miscellaneous fungi collected from Burma
Thaung MM
Mycosphere 6(1), 8–12, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/2

3. Polylobatispora setulosa, a new freshwater hyphomycete from Ilhabela, Sao Paulo state, Brazil
Moro LB, Delgado G, Schoenlein-Crusius IH
Mycosphere 6(1), 13–18, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/3

4. Diversity of species of the genus Conocybe (Bolbitiaceae, Agaricales) collected on dung from Punjab, India
Amandeep K, Atri NS, Munruchi K
Mycosphere 6(1), 19–42, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/4

5. Effects of storage conditions and culture media on the saprobic fungi diversity in tropical leaf litter
Costa LA, Peixoto PEC, Gusmão LPF
Mycosphere 6(1), 43–52, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/5

6. Reduction of Cr(VI) using indigenous Aspergillus spp. isolated from heavy metal contaminated sites
De Sotto R, Monsanto R, Edora J, Bautista RH, Bennett RM, Dedeles GR
Mycosphere 6(1), 53–59, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/6

7. A new species and a new record of Diatrypaceae from Iran
Mehrabi M, Hemmati R, Vasilyeva LN, Trouillas FP
Mycosphere 6(1), 60–68, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/7

8. A new species of Entolomataceae with cuboidal basidiospores from São Paulo Metropolitan Region, Brazil
Karstedt F, Capelari M
Mycosphere 6(1), 69–73, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/8

9. Occurrence of myxomycetes in the aerial “canopy soil” microhabitat
Stephenson SL, Landolt JC
Mycosphere 6(1), 74–77, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/9

10. Gone with the wind – a review on basidiospores of lamellate agarics
Halbwachs H, Bässler C
Mycosphere 6(1), 78–112, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/10

11. Hyphoderma moniliforme and H. nemorale (Basidiomycota) newly recorded from China
Yurchenko E, Wu SH
Mycosphere 6(1), 113–121, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/11

12. Delitschia gigaspora var. pescanii: a new variety of coprophilous fungus from Brazil
Calaça FJS, Delpont M, Xavier-Santos S
Mycosphere 6(1), 122–126, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/1/12

Issue 2

13. The mycosociology of macrofungi as indicators of the presence of stipitate hydnoids
Feest A, Smith JH
Mycosphere 6(1), 127–132, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/1

14. Leptoxyphium kurandae - New record of insect gut associated sooty mould fungus from India
Kajale SC, Sonawane MS, Sharma R, Shouche YS
Mycosphere 6(2), 133–138, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/2

15. Molecular identification of leaf litter fungi potential for cellulose degradation
Waing KGD, Gutierrez JM, Galvez CT, Undan JR
Mycosphere 6(2), 139–144, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/3

16. Lead accumulation in oyster mushroom, Pleurotus tuber-regium (Sing) from a continuously lead contaminated soil
Anyakorah CI, Nwude D, Jinadu T
Mycosphere 6(2), 145–149, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/4

17. Diversity and species composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Clerodendrum species
Songachan LS, Kayang H, Moinao P
Mycosphere 6(2), 150–158, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/5

18. Alectoria spinosa, a new lichen species from Hengduan Mountains, China
Wang LS, Liu D, Shi HX, Zhang YY, Ye X, Chen XL, Wang XY
Mycosphere 6(2), 159–164, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/6

19. Species of Gymnopilus P. Karst: New to India
Kaur H, Kaur M, Rather H
Mycosphere 6(1), 165–173, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/7

20. Fungi fimicola Aegyptiaci: I. Recent investigations and conservation in arid South Sinai
Abdel-Azeem AM, Salem FM
Mycosphere 6(2), 174–194, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/8

21. New records and an updated checklist of lichenicolous fungi from India
Joshi Y, Upadhyay S, Shukla S, Nayaka S, Rawal RS
Mycosphere 6(2), 195–200, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/9

22. The genus Podospora (Lasiosphaeriaceae, Sordariales) in Brazil
Melo RFR, Miller AN, MAIA LC
Mycosphere 6(2), 201–215, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/10

23. Characterization of myxomycetes in two different soils by TRFLP-analysis of partial 18S rRNA gene sequences
Hoppe T, Schnittler M
Mycosphere 6(2), 216–227, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/11

24. Occurrence and diversity of mycobiota in heavy metal contaminated sediments of Mediterranean coastal lagoon El-Manzala, Egypt
Abdel-Azeem AM, El-Morsy EM, Nour El-Dein MM, Rashad HM
Mycosphere 6(2), 228–240, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/2/12

Issue 3

25. Mycota of distillery yeast sludge as source of single cell protein
Valentino MJG, Kalaw SP, Galvez CT, Reyes RG
Mycosphere 6(2), 241–247, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/1

26. First record of two Ganoderma species from North East Nile Delta-Egypt
El-Fallal AA, El-Sayed AKA, El-Esseily SR
Mycosphere 6(3), 248–259, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/2

27. Amanita psammolimbata,a new species from Northeastern Brazilian sand dunes
Wartchow F, Sulzbacher MA, Baseia IG
Mycosphere 6(3), 260–265, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/3

28. Antibacterial activities of fungal endophytes associated with the Philippine endemic tree, Canarium ovatum
Torres JMO, dela Cruz TEE
Mycosphere 6(3), 266–273, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/4

29. A preliminary study on the occurrence of microscopic asexual fungi associated with bird nests in Brazilian semi-arid
Conceição LB, Marques MFO
Mycosphere 6(3), 274–279, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/5

30. The first African record of Artolenzites acuta comb. nov. (Basidiomycota, Polyporaceae)
Ambit RT, Mossebo DC
Mycosphere 6(3), 280–289, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/6

31. Patellariaceae revisited
Yacharoen S, Tian Q, Chomnunti P, Boonmee S, Chukeatirote E, Bhat JD, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 6(3), 290–326, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/7

32. Gnomoniopsis smithogilvyi a canker causing pathogen on Castanea sativa: First report
Dar MA, Rai MK
Mycosphere 6(3), 327–336, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/8

33. Morphological and molecular analyses in Scleroderma (Basidiomycota) associated with exotic forests in Pampa biome, southern Brazil
Montagner DF, Coelho G, Silveira AO, Baldoni DB and Antoniolli ZI
Mycosphere 6(3), 337–344, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/9

34. Endophytic fungi of marine algae and seagrasses: a novel source of chitin modifying enzymes
Venkatachalam A, Govinda Rajulu MB, Thirunavukkarasu N, Suryanarayanan TS
Mycosphere 6(3), 345–355, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/10

35. What substrate cultures can reveal: Myxomycetes and myxomycete-like organisms from the Sultanate of Oman
Schnittler M, Novozhilov YK, Shadwick JDL, Spiegel FW, García-Carvajal E, König P
Mycosphere 6(3), 356–384, doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/11

36. Towards a backbone tree for Seimatosporium, with S. physocarpi sp. nov.
Norphanphoun C, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Daranagama A, Bulgakov TS, Bhat DJ, Bahkali AH, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 6(3), 385–400, doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/12

Issue 4

37. Erratum to: The first African record of Artolenzites acuta comb. nov. (Basidiomycota, Polyporaceae)
Ambit RT, Mossebo DC
Mycosphere 6(3), 280–289, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/3/6

38. Fenestellaceae
Phookamsak R, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 6(4), 402–413, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/2

39. Proximate analysis and mineral constituents of Macrolepiota dolichaula and soils beneath its fruiting bodies
Rizal LM, Hyde KD, Chukeatirote E, Chamyuang S
Mycosphere 6(4), 414–420, doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/3

40. Observations on the Astraeus spp. of Southwestern India
Pavithra M, Greeshma AA, Karun NC, Sridhar KR
Mycosphere 6(4), 421–432, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/4

41. A new species of Scytinopogon from the island of Príncipe, Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, West Africa
Desjardin DE, Perry BA
Mycosphere 6(4), 433–440, doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/5

42. Checklist of Central and South American Agaricales (Basidiomycota) II: Strophariaceae
Coimbra VRM
Mycosphere 6(4), 441–458, doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/6

43. Geastrum hirsutum or G. trichiferum (Basidiomycota, Geastraceae): which name do use?
Silva BDB, Sousa JO, Rodrigues ACM, Bicudo CEM, Calonge FD, Baseia IG
Mycosphere 6(4), 459–462, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/7

44. Choosing between pathogenicity and saprophytism: A case study from Rhizactonia solani, a potato pathogen
Manmathan HK, Rioux R and Tavantzis S
Mycosphere 6(4), 463–479, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/8

45. New record of Thysanorea papuana from India
Pratibha J and Prabhugaonkar A
Mycosphere 6(4), 480–485, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/9

46. Mycorrhizal fungi associated with plantations of Pinus taeda L. from the National University of Asunción, Paraguay
Campi MG, Maubet YE, Britos L
Mycosphere 6(4), 486–492, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/10

47. New species and new records of lichenicolous fungi from South Korea
Joshi Y, Kondratyuk S, Lőkös L, Halda JP, Oh S-O, Hur J-S
Mycosphere 6(4), 493–500, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/11

48. Geastrum laevisporum: a new earthstar fungus with uncommon smooth spores
Sousa JO, Baracho GS, Baseia IG
Mycosphere 6(4), 501–507, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/4/12

Issue 5

49. Exosporium gymnemae sp. nov. from India
Singh PN, Baghela A, Singh SK, Maurya DK
Mycosphere 6(5), 508–514, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/1

50. Clavarioid fungi and Gasteromycetes from Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, West Africa
Desjardin DE, Perry BA
Mycosphere 6(5), 515–531, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/2

51. The Genus Auricularia Bull. ex Juss. (Basidiomycota) in Cerrado (Brazilian Savanna) areas of Goiás state and the Federal District, Brazil
Alvarenga RLM, Naves LRR, Xavier-Santos S.
Mycosphere 6(5), 532–541, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/3

52. Mycosphere Essays 1: Taxonomic confusion in the Ganoderma lucidumspecies complex
Hapuarachchi KK, Wen TC, Deng CY, Kang JC, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 6(5), 542–559, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/4

53. A new species of Marasmius sect. Globulares from Indian Himalaya with tall basidiomata
Dutta AK, Das K, Acharya K
Mycosphere 6(5), 560–567, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/5

54. Records of myxomycetes from Maine
Zoll V, Stephenson SL
Mycosphere 6(5), 568–584, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/6

55. Agaricales of the dunes of Galicia (IV): Marasmiellus ciesanus (Omphalotaceae), a new species found in the National Maritime-Terrestrial Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia
Blanco-Dios JB
Mycosphere 6(5), 585–592, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/7

56. Some taxonomic novelties for pyrenomycetous fungi from south-eastern Russia
Vasilyeva LN, Stephenson SL
Mycosphere 6(5), 593–601, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/8

57. Antioxidant activity of mangrove-derived marine thraustochytrids
Kalidasan K, Sunil KS, Narendran R and Kathiresan K
Mycosphere 6(5), 602–611, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/9

58. Coprinopsis novorugosobispora (Basidiomycota, Agricales), an ammonia fungus new to Canada
Raut JK, Fukiharu T, Shimizu K, Kawamoto S, Takeshige S, Tanaka C, Yamanaka T, Suzuki A
Mycosphere 6(5), 612–619, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/10

59. Notes on mycophagy of Descomyces albus (Basidiomycota) in southern Brazil
Sulzbacher MA, Grebenc T, Köhler A, Antoniolli ZI, Giachini AJ, Baseia IG
Mycosphere 6(5), 620–629, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/11

60. Modification to the Barber and Keane’s method of illustrating fungi
Almeida DAC, Gusmão LFP
Mycosphere 6(5), 630–633, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/12

61. Phylogenetic and morphological appraisal of Leptosphaeria italica sp. nov. (Leptosphaeriaceae, Pleosporales) from Italy
Dayarathne MC, Phookamsak R, Ariyawansa HA, Jones EBG, Camporesi E and Hyde KD
Mycosphere 6(5), 634–642, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/5/13

Issue 6

62. Myxomycete plasmodial biology: a review
Clark J, Haskins EF
Mycosphere 6(5), 643–658, Doi 10.5943/Mycosphere/6/6/1

63. Mycelial biomass production and antioxidant activity of Lentinus tigrinus and Lentinus sajor-caju in indigenous liquid culture
Dulay RMR, Flores KS, Tiniola RC, Marquez DHH, Dela Cruz AG, Kalaw SP, and Reyes RG
Mycosphere 6(6), 659–666, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/2

64. A new species and a new record of the lichen genus Coenogonium (Ostropales: Coenogoniaceae) from South Korea, with a world-wide key to crustose Coenogonium having prothalli
Joshi Y, Gagarina L, Halda JP, Oh S-O, HurJ-S
Mycosphere 6(6), 667–672, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/3

65. Clarification regarding old records of Roccella in the Maltese Islands
Fiorentino J
Mycosphere 6(6), 673–680, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/4

66. New asexual morph taxa in Phaeosphaeriaceae
Li WJ, Bhat DJ, Camporesi E, Tian Q, Wijayawardene NN, Dai DQ3, Phookamsak R, Chomnunti P, Bahkali AH, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 6(6), 681–708, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/5

67. New additions to the myxobiota of Costa Rica
Rojas C, Valverde R, Stephenson SL
Mycosphere 6(6), 709–715, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/6

68. Two novel species of Vagicola (Phaeosphaeriaceae) from Italy
Jayasiri SC, Wanasinghe DN, Ariyawansa HA, Jones EBG, Kang JC, Promputtha I, Bahkali AH, Bhat J, Camporesi E, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 6(6), 716–728, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/7

69. Investigation of airborne fungi and their ability to grow on formalin-fixed human cadavers
Sri-indrasutdhi V, Ueapattanakit J, Sommatas A
Mycosphere 6(6), 729–736, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/8

70. Diversity of Lactifluus (Basidiomycota, Russulales) in West Africa: 5 new species described and some considerations regarding their distribution and ecology
Maba DL, Guelly AK, Yorou NS, Agerer R
Mycosphere 6(6), 737–759, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/9

71. Comparative study of growth and yield of edible mushrooms, Schizophyllum commune Fr., Auricularia polytricha (Mont.) Sacc. and Lentinus squarrosulus Mont. on lignocellulosic substrates
Ediriweera SS, Wijesundera RLC, Nanayakkara CM, Weerasena OVDSJ
Mycosphere 6(6), 760–765, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/10

72. Diversity and distribution of arid-semi arid truffle (Terfezia and Picoa) in Elazığ-Malatya region of Turkey
Akyüz M, Kırbağ S, Bircan B, Gürhan Y
Mycosphere 6(6), 766–783, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/11

73. Myxomycetes research in the Philippines: Updates and opportunities
Dagamac NHA, dela Cruz TEE
Mycosphere 6(6), 784–795, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/12

74. New records of lichens from Manipur State, North-eastern India
Devi RKS, Rout J, Upreti DK, Nayaka S, Pinokiyo A
Mycosphere 6(6), 796–813, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/13

75. Two new species of sooty moulds, Capnodium coffeicola and Conidiocarpus plumeriae in Capnodiaceae
Hongsanan S, Tian Q, Hyde KD, Chomnunti P
Mycosphere 6(6), 814–824, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/6/6/14

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