Volume 3 - 2012 - Index

Issue 1

1. A preliminary checklist of macrofungi of Guatemala, with notes on edibility and traditional knowledge
Flores Arzú R, Comandini O, Rinaldi AC
Mycosphere 3(1), 1-21, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/1/1

2. Neotypification of Amauroderma picipes Torrend, 1920 (Ganodermataceae, Agaricomycetes)
Gomes–Silva AC and Gibertoni TB
Mycosphere 3(1), 23-27, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/1/2

3. An exceptional find on rabbit dung from Italy : third record worldwide of Ascobolus perforatus
Doveri F.
Mycosphere 3(1), 29-35, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/1/3

4. Crassoascus monocaudatus and Iodosphaeria podocarpi, two new species on Podocarpus parlatorei from "Las Yungas", Argentina
Catania M del V, Romero AI.
Mycosphere 3(1), 37-44, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/1/4

5. Three resurrected species of the genus Bulbothrix Hale (Parmeliaceae, Lichenized Fungi)
Benatti MN
Mycosphere 3(1), 46-55, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/1/5

6. Effect of some heavy metals on the growth and development of Pleurotus tuber-regium
Akpaja EO, Nwogu NA, Odibo EA
Mycosphere 3(1), 57-60, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/1/6

7. Stigmidium lobariae, a new lichenicolous fungus from the Holarctic
Zhurbenko MP, Etayo J
Mycosphere 3(1), 62-64, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/1/7

8. Two new Morganella species from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest
Alfredo DS, Leite AG, Braga-Neto R, Baseia IG
Mycosphere 3(1), 66-71, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/1/8

9. Phenotypic and molecular characterization of Chaetopyrena penicillata from Iran with description of a hyphomycete synanomorph
Arzanlou M, Khodaei S
Mycosphere 3(1), 73–77, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/1/9

10. A contribution to the ITS-LSU phylogeny of the genus Leucopaxillus (/tricholomatoid clade, Agaricales), with three new genera and notes on Porpoloma
Vizzini A, Ercole E, Contu M
Mycosphere 3(1), 79–90, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/1/10

Issue 2

11. Species composition, seasonal changes and comm-unity ordination of alkalotolerant micro fungal diversity in a natural scrub jungle ecosystem of Tamil Nadu, India
Muthukrishnan S, Sanjayan KP, Jahir HK
Mycosphere 3(2), 92-109, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/2/1

12. Coprophilous ascomycetes in Kenya: Saccobolus species from wildlife dung
Mungai PG, Chukeatirote E, Njogu JG, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 3(2), 111-129, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/2/2

13. Plasmodial incompatibility in the myxomycetes: a review
Clark J, Haskins EF
Mycosphere 3(2), 131-141, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/2/3

14. Managing and coping with names of pleomorphic fungi in a period of transition
Hawksworth DL
Mycosphere 3(2), 143-155, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/2/4

15. Towards incorporating anamorphic fungi in a natural classification – checklist and notes for 2011
Wijayawardene DNN, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 3(2), 157-228, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/2/5

16. Occurrence of Chaetomidium arxii on sunn pest in Iran
Arzanlou M, Khodaei S, Saadati Bezdi M
Mycosphere 3(2), 234-239, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/2/6

17. A new species of Mycena sect. Polyadelphia from southern India
Aravindakshan DM, Manimohan P
Mycosphere 3(2), 241–243, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/2/7

18. Myxomycetes associated with pipevine, a temperate liana
Coelho IL, Stephenson SL
Mycosphere 3(2), 245–249, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/2/8

19. An ethnomycological survey of macrofungi utilized by Aeta communities in Central Luzon, Philippines
De Leon AM, Reyes RG, dela Cruz TEE
Mycosphere 3(2), 251-259, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/2/9

20. Two remarkable xylariaceous ascomycetes associated with elephant dung
Deepna Latha KP, Manimohan P
Mycosphere 3(2), 261–265, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/2/10

Issue 3

21. Contribution to the knowledge of polypores (Agaricomycetes) from the Atlantic forest and Caatinga, with new records from Brazil
Baltazar JM, Drechsler-Santos ER, Ryvarden L, Cavalcanti MAQ, Gibertoni TB
Mycosphere 3(3), 267–280, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/3/1

22. A preliminary checklist of polypores of Peru, with notes on distribution in the Andes-Amazon region and new records for the country
Salvador-Montoya CA, Millán B, Janovec JP, Drechsler-Santos ER
Mycosphere 3(3), 282–287, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/3/3/2

23. The anamorphic state of Leveillula taurica recorded on Cleome spinosa in north-eastern Brazil
Carlos AC, Soares DJ
Mycosphere 3(3), 289–292, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/3/3

24. Scleroderma minutisporum, a new earthball from the Amazon rainforest
Alfredo DS, Leite AG, Braga-Neto R, Cortez VG, Baseia IG
Mycosphere 3(3), 294–299, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/3/4

25. New species and new records of cercosporoid hyphomycetes from Cuba and Venezuela (Part 1)
Braun U, Urtiaga
Mycosphere 3(3), 301–329, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/3/5

26. A new species of Entoloma s. l. associated with earthworm casts
Anil Raj KN, Manimohan P
Mycosphere 3(3), 331–334, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/3/6

27. Dictyostelid cellular slime moulds of Mexico
Cavender JC, Landolt JC, Suthers HB, Stephenson SL
Mycosphere 3(3), 336–351, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/3/7

28. Three giant Ascomycetes (Pyrenomycetes) from Maharashtra, India
Patil A, Patil MS, Dangat BT
Mycosphere 3(3), 353–356, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/3/8

29. Checklist of Myxomycetes from India
Ranade VD , Korade ST, Jagtap AV, Ranadive KR
Mycosphere 3(3), 358–390, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/3/9

30. Aseptic cultivation of Coprinus comatus (O. F. Mull.) Gray on various pulp and paper wastes
Dulay RMR, Parungao AG IV, Kalaw SP, Reyes RG
Mycosphere 3(3), 392–397, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/3/10

Issue 4

31. A new species of Hygroaster (Hygrophoraceae) from Kerala State, India
Vrinda KB, Shibu P Varghese, Pradeep CK
Mycosphere 3(4), 399–402, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/1

32. Aureobasidium iranianum, a new species on bamboo from Iran
Arzanlou M, Khodaei S
Mycosphere 3(4), 404–408, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/2

33. A new species of Corynespora from terai forest of Northeastern Uttar Pradesh, India
Kumar S, Singh R, Saini DC, Kamal
Mycosphere 3(4), 410–412, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/3

34. Cantharellus amazonensis, a new specis from Amazon
Wartchow F, Santos JC, Fonseca MDP
Mycosphere 3(4), 414–418, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/4

35. Carotenoid analysis of locally isolated Thraustochytrids and their potential as an alternative fish feed for Oreochromis niloticus (Nile tilapia)
Atienza GAMV, Arafiles KHV, Carmona MCM, Garcia JPC, Macabago AMB, Peñacerrada BJDC, Cordero PRF, Bennett RM, Dedeles GR
Mycosphere 3(4), 420–428, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/5

36. New records in the lichen family Lobariaceae from the Western Ghats of India
Pandit G and Sharma B
Mycosphere 3(4), 430–435, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/6

37. Studies of coprophilous ascomycetes in Kenya: Sordariales from wildlife dung
Mungai PG, Chukeatirote E, Njogu JG, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 3(4), 437–448, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/7

38. A new and rare species of Phlyctaeniella from central India
Tiwari CK, Parihar Jagrati, Verma RK
Mycosphere 3(4), 450–453, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/8

39. Capability of selected mushrooms to biodegrade polyethylene
Nwogu NA, Atuanya EI, Akpaja EO
Mycosphere 3(4), 455–462, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/9

40. Some species of Hyphodontia s.l. with encrusted cystidial elements
Gorjón SP
Mycosphere 3(4), 464–474, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/10

41. Lichens on mangrove plants in Andaman Islands, India
Sethy P, Pandit G and Sharma B
Mycosphere 3(4), 476–484, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/11

42. The current status of the family Russulaceae in the Uttarakhand Himalaya, India
Joshi S, Bhatt RP, Stephenson SL
Mycosphere 3(4), 486–501, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/12

43. Coprophilous discomycetes from the Tuscan archipelago (Italy). Description of two rare species and a new Trichobolus
Doveri F
Mycosphere 3(4), 503–522, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/13

44. Trichoderma – a promising plant growth stimulator and biocontrol agent
Saba H, Vibhash D, Manisha M, Prashant KS, Farhan H, Tauseef A
Mycosphere 3(4), 524–531, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/4/14

Issue 5

45. Brown rotting fungus closely related to Pseudomerulius curtisii (Boletales) recorded for the first time in South America
Baldoni DB, Coelho G, Jacques RJS, Silveira RMB, Grebenc T, Antoniolli ZI
Mycosphere 3(5), 533–541, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/1

46. Myxogastrid distribution within the leaf litter microhabitat
Rollins AW, Stephenson SL
Mycosphere 3(5), 543–549, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/2

47. The Genus Rhopalostroma from Maharashtra State, India
Patil A, Patil MS, Dangat BT
Mycosphere 3(5), 551–554, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/3

48. A new bioluminescent species of Mycena sect. Exornatae from Kerala State, India
Aravindakshan DM, Kumar TKA, Manimohan P
Mycosphere 3(5), 556–561, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/4

49. New record of genus Peziza (Pezizales, Ascomycetes) in Egypt and Africa
Abdel-Azeem AM, El-Fallal AA
Mycosphere 3(5), 563–565, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/5

50. Tropical fungi: twelve species of lignicolous Ascomycota from the Dominican Republic
Angelini C, Medardi G
Mycosphere 3(5), 567–601, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/6

51. Cookeina Sinensis from India
Patil A, Patil MS, Dangat BT
Mycosphere 3(5), 603–605, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/7

52. Identification and Comparison of Xylaria curta and Xylaria sp. from Western Ghats-Courtallum Hills, India
Ramesh V, Thalavaipandian A, Karunakaran C, Rajendran A
Mycosphere 3(5), 607–615, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/8

53. Asterinales of India
Hosagoudar VB
Mycosphere 2(5), 617-852, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/9

54. Notes on three lichenicolous species of Acremonium
Brackel Wv, Etayo J, Lechat C
Mycosphere 3(5), 854–862, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/10

55. Two new species of Corynespora from Uttar Pradesh, India
Kumar S, Singh R, Gond D, Saini DC
Mycosphere 3(5), 864–869, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/11

56. Contribution to the knowledge of pestalotioid fungi of Iran
Arzanlou M, Torbati M, Khodaei S, Bakhshi M
Mycosphere 3(5), 871–878, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/12

57. Cyathus morelensis, a rare bird’s nest fungus in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest
Cruz RHSF, Lima RAA, Braga-Neto R, Baseia IG
Mycosphere 3(5), 880–882, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/5/13

Issue 6

58. Lichen flora of Pichavaram and Muthupet mangroves (Southeast coast of India)
Logesh AR, Upreti DK, Kalaiselvam M, Nayaka S, Kathiresan K
Mycosphere 3(5), 884–888, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/1

59. A new species of Corynespora causing foliar disease on Ficus religiosa from forest of Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh, India
Singh A, Kumar S, Singh R, Dubey NK
Mycosphere 3(5), 890–892, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/2

60. Type study of Calvatia lachnoderma from Brazil
Cortez VG, Alves CR
Mycosphere 3(5), 894–898, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/3

61. Biodiversity of laccase producing fungi in Egypt
Abdel-Azeem AM, Salem Fatma M
Mycosphere 3(5), 900–920, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/4

62. A new species of Ardhachandra (hyphomycetes) from Vietnam
Mel’nik VA
Mycosphere 3(6), 922–924, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/5

63. Optimal growth conditions for basidiospore germination and morphogenesis of Philippine wild strain of Lentinus tigrinus (Bull.) Fr
Dulay RMR, Cabrera EC, Kalaw SP, Reyes RG
Mycosphere 3(6), 926–933, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/6

64. A new variety of Volvariella pusilla from West Bengal, India
Acharya K, Dutta AK, Pradhan P
Mycosphere 3(6), 935–938, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/7

65. Myxomycetes of Stewart Island, New Zealand
Stephenson SL, Stephenson BC, Stephenson RJ
Mycosphere 3(6), 940–947, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/8

66. Some interesting lepiotoid mushrooms from North India
Kumari B, Atri NS, Kaur M
Mycosphere 3(6), 949–955, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/9

67. Phaeoisaria vietnamensis sp. nov. and P. clematidis (hyphomycetes) from Vietnam
Mel’nik VA
Mycosphere 3(6), 957–960, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/10

68. Lepiotoid Agaricaceae (Basidiomycota) from São Camilo State Park, Paraná State, Brazil
Ferreira AJ, Cortez VG
Mycosphere 3(6), 962–976, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/11

69. Studies of coprophilous ascomycetes in Kenya. Podospora species from wildlife dung
Mungai PG, Chukeatirote E, Njogu JG, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 3(6), 978–995, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/12

70. New records of lignicolous fungi deteriorating wood in India
Nagadesi PK, Arya A
Mycosphere 3(6), 997–1004, Doi 10.5943 /mycosphere/3/6/13

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