Volume 14 - 2023 - Index

Issue 1

1. Endophytic fungi in green manure crops; friends or foe?
Abeywickrama PD, Qian N, Jayawardena RS, Li Y, Zhang W, Guo K, Zhang L, Zhang G, Yan J, Li X, Guo Z, Hyde KD, Peng Y, Zhao W
Mycosphere 14(1), 1–106

2. Morphology and multigene phylogeny reveal ten novel taxa in Ascomycota from terrestrial palm substrates (Arecaceae) in Thailand
Konta S, Tibpromma S, Karunarathna SC, Samarakoon MC, Steven LS, Mapook A, Boonmee S, Senwanna C, Balasuriya A, Eungwanichayapant PD, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 14(1), 107–152

3. Finding correct names for economically important chanterelles (Cantharellus, Hydnaceae, Cantharellales) in southwestern China: a plea for third party annotation of sequences in GenBank
Wang XH, Hofstetter V, Cao SQ, Liu PG, Buyck B
Mycosphere 14(1), 153–194

4. Freshwater fungal biology
Calabon MS, Hyde KD, Jones EBG, Bao DF, Bhunjun CS, Phukhamsakda C, Shen HW, Gentekaki E, Al Sharie AH, Barros J, Chandrasiri KSU, Hu DM, Hurdeal VG, Rossi W, Valle LG, Zhang H, Figueroa M, Raja HA, Seena S, Song HY, Dong W, El-Elimat T, Leonardi M, Li Y, Li YJ, Luo ZL, Ritter CD, Strongman DB, Wei MJ, Balasuriya A
Mycosphere 14(1), 195–413

5. Phylogenomics and diversification of Sordariomycetes
Chen YP, Su PW, Hyde KD, Maharachchikumbura SSN
Mycosphere 14(1), 414–451

6. An updated taxonomic framework of Hymenochaetales (Agaricomycetes, Basidiomycota)
Wang XW, Liu SL, Zhou LW
Mycosphere 14(1), 452–496

7. Culturable mycota on bats in central and southern Yunnan Province, China
Liu XF, Tibpromma S, Hughes AC, Chethana KWT, Wijayawardene NN, Dai DQ, Du TY, Elgorban AM, Stephenson SL, Suwannarach N, Xu JC, Lu L, Xu RF, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Zhao CL, Bhat DJ, Sun YM, Karunarathna SC, Mortimer PE
Mycosphere 14(1), 497–662

8. Mycosphere notes 387–412 – novel species of fungal taxa from around the world
Hyde KD, Norphanphoun C, Ma J, Yang HD, Zhang JY, Du TY, Gao Y, Gomes de Farias AR, He SC, He YK, Li CJY, Li JY, Liu XF, Lu L, Su HL, Tang X, Tian XG, Wang SY, Wei DP, Xu RF, Xu RJ, Yang YY, Zhang F, Zhang Q, Bahkali AH, Boonmee S, Chethana KWT, Jayawardena RS, Lu YZ, Karunarathna SC, Tibpromma S, Wang Y, Zhao Q
Mycosphere 14(1), 663–744

9. New taxa of Boletaceae from China
Wu G, Li H-J, Horak E, Wu K, Li G-M, Yang Z-L
Mycosphere 14(1), 745–776

10. New insights into the classification and evolution of Favolaschia (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) and its potential distribution, with descriptions of eight new species
Zhang QY, Liu HG, Papp V, Zhou M, Dai YC, Yuan Y
Mycosphere 14(1), 777–814

11. Updated systematics of Trichaptum s.l. (Hymenochaetales, Basidiomycota)
Zhou M, Dai YC, Vlasák J, Liu HG, Yuan Y
Mycosphere 14(1), 815–917

12. Annotated notes on Diaporthe species
Hongsanan S, Norphanphoun C, Senanayake IC, Jayawardena RS, Manawasinghe IS, Abeywickrama PD, Khuna S, Suwannarach N, Senwanna C, Monkai J, Hyde KD, Gentekaki E, Bhunjun CS
Mycosphere 14(1), 918–1189

13. The relevance of fungi in astrobiology research – Astromycology
Simões MF, Cortesão M, Azua-Bustos A, Bai F-Y, Canini F, Casadevall A, Cassaro A, Cordero RJB, Fairén AG, González-Silva C, Gunde-Cimerman N, Koch S, Liu X-Z, Onofri S, Pacelli C, Selbmann L, Tesei D, Waghmode A, Wang T, Zucconi L, Antunes A
Mycosphere 14(1), 1190–1253

14. Lasiodiplodia: Generic revision by providing molecular markers, geographical distribution and haplotype diversity
Rathnayaka AR, Chethana KWT, Manawasinghe IS, Wijesinghe SN, de Silva NI, Tennakoon DS, Phillips AJL, Liu JK, Jones EBG, Wang Y, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 14(1), 1254–1339

15. Diversity of fungal communities associated with grapevine trunk diseases in China
Zhou YY, Zhang W, Wu LN, Zhang J, Tan HY, Chethana KWT, Manawasinghe IS, Liu M, Li XH, Hyde KD, Yan JY
Mycosphere 14(1), 1340–1435

16. Mycosphere Notes 413–448: Dothideomycetes associated with woody oil plants in China
Li WL, Liang RR, Dissanayake AJ, Liu JK
Mycosphere 14(1), 1436–1529

17. Beyond observation: genomic traits and machine learning algorithms for predicting fungal lifestyles
Chen YP, Su PW, Stadler M, Xiang R, Hyde KD, Tian WH, Maharachchikumbura SSN
Mycosphere 14(1), 1530–1563

Issue 2: SI Recent Advances in Colletotrichum Taxonomy & Sys

18. Genome-scale and multi-gene phylogenetic analyses of Colletotrichum spp. host preference and associated with medicinal plants
Zhang Q, Nizamani MM, Feng Y, Yang YQ, Jayawardena RS, Hyde KD, Wang Y, Li C
Mycosphere 14(2), 1–106

19. Identification and characterization of Colletotrichum species associated with durian fruit in northern Thailand
Armand A, Hyde KD, Huanraluek N, Wang Y, Jayawardena RS
Mycosphere 14(2), 107–129

20. Colletotrichum species associated with Camellia anthracnose in China
Peng XJ, Wang QC, Zhang SK, Guo K, Zhou XD
Mycosphere 14(2), 130–157

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