Volume 13 - 2022 - Index

Issue 1

1. Taxonomy, phylogeny and divergence times of Polyporus (Basidiomycota) and related genera
Ji X, Zhou JL, Song CG, Xu TM, Wu DM, Cui BK
Mycosphere 13(1), 1–52

2. Outline of Fungi and fungus-like taxa – 2021
Wijayawardene NN, Hyde KD, Dai DQ, Sánchez-García M, Goto BT, Saxena RK, Erdoğdu M, Selçuk F, Rajeshkumar KC, Aptroot A, Błaszkowski J, Boonyuen N, da Silva GA, de Souza FA, Dong W4, Ertz D, Haelewaters D, Jones EBG, Karunarathna SC, Kirk PM, Kukwa M, Kumla J, Leontyev DV, Lumbsch HT, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Marguno F, Martínez-Rodríguez P, Mešić A, Monteiro JS, Oehl F, Pawłowska J, Pem D, Pfliegler WP, Phillips AJL, Pošta A, He MQ, Li JX, Raza M, Sruthi OP, Suetrong S, Suwannarach N, Tedersoo L, Thiyagaraja V, Tibpromma S, Tkalčec Z, Tokarev YS, Wanasinghe DN, Wijesundara DSA, Wimalaseana SDMK, Madrid H, Zhang GQ, Gao Y, Sánchez-Castro I, Tang LZ, Stadler M, Yurkov A, Thines M
Mycosphere 13(1), 53–453

3. Mycosphere notes 345–386
Manawasinghe IS, Calabon MS, Jones EBG, Zhang YX, Liao CF, Xiong Y, Chaiwan N, Kularathnage ND, Liu NG, Tang SM, Sysouphanthong P, Du TY, Luo M, Pasouvang P, Pem D, Phonemany M, Ishaq M, Chen JW, Karunarathna SC, Mai ZL, Rathnayaka AR, Samarakoon MC, Tennakoon DS, Wijesinghe SN, Yang YH, Zhao HJ, Fiaz M, Doilom M, Dutta AK, Khalid AN, Liu JW, Thongklang N, Senanayake IC, Tibpromma S, You LQ, Camporesi E, Gafforov YS, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 13(1), 454–557

4. Taxonomy and ecology of epifoliar fungi
Marasinghe DS, Hongsanan S, Zeng XY, Jones EGB, Boonmee S, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 13(1), 558–601

5. Magnaporthiopsis species associated with patch diseases in turfgrasses in Australia
Wong PTW, Tan YP, Weese TL, Shivas RG
Mycosphere 13(1), 602–611

6. Ten important forest fungal pathogens: a review on their emergence and biology
Gomdola D, Bhunjun CS, Hyde KD, Jeewon R, Pem D, Jayawardena RS
Mycosphere 13(1), 612–671

7. Cronartium rust (Pucciniales, Cronartiaceae): species delineation, diversity and host alternation
Zhao P, Liu F, Huang JE, Zhou X, Duan WJ, Cai L
Mycosphere 13(1), 672–723

8. The importance of culture-based techniques in the genomic era for assessing the taxonomy and diversity of soil fungi
Yasanthika WAE, Wanasinghe DN, Mortimer PE, Monkai J, Farias ARG
Mycosphere 13(1), 724–751

9. Diaporthe: formalizing the species-group concept
Norphanphoun C, Gentekaki E, Hongsanan S, ‪Jayawardena R, Senanayake IC, Manawasinghe IS, Abeywickrama PD, Bhunjun CS, Hyde‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ KD
Mycosphere 13(1), 752–819

Issue 2 (SI Fungal Evolution)

10. On the evolution of ectomycorrhizal fungi
Ryberg M, Kalsoom Khan F, Sánchez-García M

11. Phylogenetic diversity and affiliation of tropical African ectomycorrhizal fungi
Houdanon RD, Furneaux B, Yorou NS, Ryberg M

12. Evolutionary relationship and a novel method of efficient identification of Lentinula edodes cultivars in China
Ling YY, Zhang MZ, Ling ZL, Cao B, Wu XP, Peng H, Wang ZR, Zhao RL

13. Large-scale genome investigations reveal insights into domestication of cultivated mushrooms
Fu YP, Dai YT, Chethana KWT, Li ZH, Sun L, Li CT, Yu HL, Yang RH, Tan Q, Bao DP, Deng YJ, Wang SX, Wang YF, Tian FH, Qi LL, Shu LL, Jia PS, Chen LC, Chen MY, Hu QX, Tan H, Song TT, Zhang ZW, Bonito G, Zervakis GI, Xiao SJ, Hyde KD, Li Y, Yuan XH

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