Volume 12 - 2021 - Index

1. Towards a natural classification of annulatascaceae-like taxa Ⅱ: introducing five new genera and eighteen new species from freshwater
Dong W, Hyde KD, Jeewon R, Doilom M, Yu XD, Wang GN, Liu NG, Hu DM, Nalumpang S, Zhang H
Mycosphere 12(1), 1–88

2. Indian Pucciniales: taxonomic outline with important descriptive notes
Gautam AK, Avasthi S, Verma RK, Devadatha B, Jayawardena RS, Sushma, Ranadive KR, Kashyap PL, Bhadauria R, Prasher IB, Sharma VK, Niranjan M, Jeewon R
Mycosphere 12(1), 89–162

3. Morpho-molecular taxonomic studies reveal a high number of endophytic fungi from Magnolia candolli and M. garrettii in China and Thailand
de Silva NI, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Thambugala KM, Bhat DJ, Karunarathna SC, Tennakoon DS, Phookamsak R, Jayawardena RS, Lumyong S, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 11(1), 163–237

4. Towards incorporating asexually reproducing fungi in the natural classification and notes for pleomorphic genera
Wijayawardene NN, Hyde KD, Anand G, Dissanayake LS, Tang LZ, Dai DQ
Mycosphere 12(1), 238–405

5. Life in leaf litter: Fungal community succession during decomposition
Tennakoon DS, Gentekaki E, Jeewon R, Kuo CH, Promputtha I, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 12(1), 406–429

6. Microfungi associated with Camellia sinensis: A case study of leaf and shoot necrosis on Tea in Fujian, China
Manawasinghe IS, Jayawardena RS, Li HL, Zhou YY, Zhang W, Phillips AJL, Wanasinghe DN, Dissanayake AJ, Li XH, Li YH, Hyde KD, Yan JY
Mycosphere 12(1), 430–518

7. Colletotrichum: lifestyles, biology, morpho-species, species complexes and accepted species
Jayawardena RS, Bhunjun CS, Hyde KD, Gentekaki E, Itthayakorn P
Mycosphere 12(1), 519–669

8. Diversity in fossil fungal spores
Saxena RK, Wijayawardene NN, Dai DQ, Hyde KD, Kirk PM
Mycosphere 12(1), 670–874

9. Taxonomic studies of Coronophorales and Niessliaceae (Hypocreomycetidae)
Huang SK, Hyde KD, Maharachchikumbura SSN, McKenzie EHC, Wen TC
Mycosphere 12(1), 875–992

10. Sequencing of the type species of Arthopyrenia places Arthopyreniaceae as a synonym of Trypetheliaceae
Thiyagaraja V, Lücking R, Ertz D, Coppins BJ, Wanasinghe DN, Karunarathna SC, Suwannarach N, To-Anun C, Cheewangkoon R, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 12(1), 993–1011

11. Phylogenetic analysis demonstrating four new species in Megasporoporia sensu lato (Polyporales, Basidiomycota)
Wang YR, Wu YD, Vlasák J, Yuan Y, Dai YC
Mycosphere 12(1), 1012–1037

12. Investigations in the boletes (Boletaceae) of southeastern USA: four novel species, and three novel combinations
Farid A, Bessette AE, Bessette AR, Bolin JA, Kudzma LV, Franck AR, Garey JR
Mycosphere 12(1), 1038–1076

13. Unexpected Nectriaceae species diversity in cheese, description of Bisifusarium allantoides sp. nov., Bisifusarium penicilloides sp. nov., Longinectria gen. nov. lagenoides sp. nov. and Longinectria verticilliforme sp. nov.
Savary O, Coton M, Frisvad JC, Nodet P, Ropars J, Coton E, Jany J-L
Mycosphere 12(1), 1077–1100

14. Mycosphere notes 325-344 – Novel species and records of fungal taxa from around the world
Hyde KD, Suwannarach N, Jayawardena RS, Manawasinghe IS, Liao CF, Doilom M, Cai L, Zhao P, Buyck B, Phukhamsakda C, Su WX, Fu YP, Li Y, Zhao RL, He MQ, Li JX, Tibpromma S, Lu L, Tang X, Kang JC, Ren GC, Gui H, Hofstetter V, Ryoo R, Antonín V, Hurdeal VG, Gentikaki E, Zhang JY, Lu YZ, Senanayake IC, Yu FM, Zhao Q, Bao DF
Mycosphere 12(1), 1101–1156

15. Phylogenetic relationships and morphological reappraisal of Chaetothyriales
Tian Q, Chomnunti P, Lumyong S, Liu JK, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 12(1), 1157–1261

16. Phylogeny of Megasporoporia s.lat. and related genera of Poyporaceae: New genera, new species and new combinations
Lira CRS, Alvarenga RLM, Soares AMS, Ryvarden L, Gibertoni TB
Mycosphere 12(1), 1262–1289

17. Looking for the undiscovered asexual taxa; case studies from lesser studied life modes and habitats
Wijayawardene NN, Phillips AJL, Tibpromma S, Dai DQ, Selbmann L, Monteiro JS, Aptroot A, Flakus A, Rajeshkumar KC, Coleine C, Pereira DS, Fan X, Zhang L, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Souza MF, Kukwa M, Suwannarach N, Rodriguez-Flakus P, Ashtekar N, Dauner L, Tang LZ, Jin XC, Karunarathna SC
Mycosphere 12(1), 1290–1333

18. Ascomycetes on Para rubber (Hevea brasiliensis)
Senwanna C, Mapook A, Samarakoon MC, Karunarathna A, Wang Y, Tang AMC, Haituk S, Suwannarach N, Hyde KD, Cheewangkoon R
Mycosphere 12(1), 1334–1512

19. https://gmsmicrofungi.org: an online database providing updated information of microfungi in the Greater Mekong Subregion
Chaiwan N, Gomdola D, Wang S, Monkai J, Tibpromma S, Doilom M, Wanasinghe DN, Mortimer PE, Lumyong S, Hyde KD
Mycosphere 12(1), 1513–1526

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