Volume 9 - Issue 1

Article Number 1

Mycosphere Notes 102–168: Saprotrophic fungi on Vitis in China, Italy, Russia and Thailand


Jayawardena RS, Hyde KD, Chethana KWT, Daranagama DA, Dissanayake AJ, Goonasekara ID, Manawasinghe IS, Mapook A, Jayasiri SC, Karunarathna A, Li CG, Phukhamsakda C, Senanayake IC, Wanasinghe DN, Camporesi E, Bulgakov TS, Li XH, Liu M, Zhang W, Yan JY

Received 30 November 2017
Accepted 29 January 2018
Published Online 05 February 2018
Corresponding Author JY Yan – e-mail – jiyeyan@vip.163.com and RS Jayawardena – e-mail – ruvi.jaya@yahoo.com

This is the third paper in the series, Mycosphere notes, wherein we provide notes on various fungal taxa. In this set of notes, we deal with species found on the grape genus, Vitis, one of the most important economically important crops, grown worldwide. We provide notes on 67 taxa, including two new species, Alternaria italica and Alfaria vitis, an asexual morph for Alfaria cyperi-esculenti and 41 new host records or distribution records. The taxonomic placement of most taxa discussed in this study is based on a modern taxonomic framework based on analysis of multi-gene sequence data.

Keywords 2 new species – Alfaria vitis – Alternaria italica – Grapevine – Molecular phylogeny – New host records – Saprotrophs
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Article Number 2

Notes for genera update – Ascomycota: 6616-6821


Wijayawardene NN, Hyde KD, Divakar PK, Rajeshkumar KC, Weerahewa D, Delgado G, Wang Y, Fu L

Received 27 November 2017
Accepted 22 January 2018
Published Online 09 February 2018
Corresponding Author Li Fu – e-mail – 43117257@qq.com

Taxonomic knowledge of the Ascomycota, is rapidly changing because of use of molecular data, thus continuous updates of existing taxonomic data with new data is essential. In the current paper, we compile existing data of several genera missing from the recently published “Notes for genera-Ascomycota”. This includes 206 entries.

Keywords Asexual genera – Data bases – Sexual genera – Taxonomy
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