Volume 8 - Index

Issue 1
Number 1
Authors Li Y, Tan P, Zhao DG
Title Diaporthe nobilis, a new record on Camellia sinensis in Guizhou Province, China
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8 (1), 1–8


Number 2
Authors Puzyr AP, Medvedeva SE, Bondar VS
Title Biochemical changes causes lack of bioluminescence in fruiting bodies of Armillaria
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8 (1), 1–8


Number 3
Authors Ilic J, Cosic J, Vrandecic K, Dugalic K, Pranjic A, Martin J
Title Influence of endophytic fungi isolated from symptomless weeds on cherry plants
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8 (1), 18–30


Number 4
Authors Chen WH, Han YF, Liang JD, Liang ZQ, Jin DC
Title Metarhizium dendrolimatilis, a novel Metarhizium species parasitic on Dendrolimus sp. larvae
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 31–37


Number 5
Authors Chen WH, Zeng GP, Luo Y, Liang ZQ, Han YF
Title Morphological traits and molecular analysis for Geomyces fujianensis sp. nov. from China
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 38–43


Number 6
Authors Chakraborty D, Parihar A, Nikita Mehta, Baghela A, Das K
Title A new species Xerocomus (Boletaceae) from India
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 44–50


Number 7
Authors Norphanphoun C, Doilom M, Daranagama DA, Phookamsak R, Wen TC, Bulgakov TS, Hyde KD
Title Revisiting the genus Cytospora and allied species
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 51–97


Number 8
Authors Bernicchia A, Genovese R, Gorjón SP
Title Amylosporus campbellii (Berk.) Ryvarden (Bondarzewiaceae, Basidiomycota), new record to Europe
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 98–101


Number 9
Authors Chen YY, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Liu JK, Hyde KD, Nanayakkara RR, Zhu GS, Liu ZY
Title Fungi from Asian Karst formations I. Pestalotiopsis photinicola sp. nov., causing leaf spots of Photinia serrulata
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 103–110


Number 10
Authors Notarte KI, Nakao Y, Yaguchi T, Bungihan M, Suganuma K and dela Cruz TE,
Title Trypanocidal activity, cytotoxicity and histone modifications induced by malformin A1 isolated from the marine-derived fungus Aspergillus tubingensis IFM 63452
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 111–120


Number 11
Authors Ran SF, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Ren YL Liu H, Chen KR, Wang YX, Wang Y
Title Two new records in Pestalotiopsidaceae associated with Orchidaceae disease in Guangxi Province, China
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 120–129


Number 12
Authors Thirunavukkarasu N, Suryanarayanan TS, Rajamani T, Paranetharan MS
Title A rapid and simple method for screening fungi for extracellular protease enzymes
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 131–136


Number 13
Authors Hongsanan S, Zhao RL, Hyde KD
Title A new species of Chaetothyrina on branches of mango, and introducing Phaeothecoidiellaceae fam. nov.
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 137–146


Number 14
Authors Zhao LH, Chen W, Wang LL, Sun HJ, Zhu Z
Title Improvement of laccase production by Pleurotus ostreatus by means of agroindustrial waste and fermentation kinetics
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 147–161


Number 15
Authors Senanayake IC, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Jeewon R, Promputtha I, Al-Sadi AM, Camporesi E, Hyde KD
Title Morphophylogenetic study of Sydowiellaceae reveals several new genera
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 172–217


Number 16
Authors Zeng XY, Zhao JJ, Hongsanan S, Chomnunti P, Boonmee S, Wen TC
Title A checklist for identifying Meliolales species
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 218–359


Issue 2 (SI Botryosphaeriales)
Number 17
Authors AJL Phillips
Title Special issue – Towards a better understanding of Botryosphaeriales
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(2), 102


Number 18
Authors Zhou YP, Zhang M, Dou ZhP, Zhang Y
Title Botryosphaeria rosaceae sp. nov. and B. ramosa, new botryosphaeriaceous taxa from China
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 162–171


Number 19
Authors Dou ZP, He W, Zhang Y
Title Lasiodiplodia chinensis, a new holomorphic species from China
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(1), 521–532


Issue 3 (SI Biotechnology)
Number 20
Authors Gupta V
Title Editorial - Biotechnology special issue
Page Numbers 360


Number 21
Authors Mathimaran N, Mahaveer P Sharma, Mohan Raju B, Bagyaraj DJ
Title Mycosphere Essay 17 Arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis and drought tolerance in crop plants.
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(3) 361–376


Number 22
Authors Amorio DJH, Cumagun CJR
Title Pathogenicity and cytological examination of adapted and non-adapted Bipolaris species on resistant and susceptible cultivars of rice and corn
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(3) 377–391


Number 23
Authors Sciuto DL, Almeida RM, Miller RNG, Moreira LRS, Filho EXF
Title Cellulose-degrading enzyme production by Clonostachys byssicola: Partial purification and characterization of an endoglucanase
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(3) 415–431


Number 24
Authors Rassinger A, Mello-de-Sousa TM, Regnat K, Derntl C, Mach RL, Mach-Aigner
Title Impact of xylanase expression-inducing compounds on DNA accessibility in Trichoderma reesei.
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(3) 432–444


Number 25
Authors Kumar P, Pagano M, O’Donovan A.
Title Mycosphere Essay 18: Biotechnological Advances of Beneficial Fungi For Plants.
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(3) 445–455


Number 26
Authors Rodríguez-Couto S
Title Industrial an environmental applications of white-rot fungi.
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(3) 456–466


Number 27
Authors Basco MJ, Bisen K, Keswani C, Singh HB
Title Biological management of fusarium wilt of tomato using biofortified vermicompost
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(3) 467–483


Number 28
Authors De Leon AM, Guinto LJZG, De Ramos PDV, Kalaw SP
Title Enriched cultivation of Lentinus squarrosulus (Mont.) Singer: A newly domesticated wild edible mushroom in the Philippines
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(4) 615–629


Issue 4
Number 29
Authors Almeida DAC, Gusmão LFP, Miller AN
Title A new species of Bertiella (Melanommataceae) from Brazil and a key to accepted species
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(4) 392–396


Number 30
Authors Wanasinghe DN, Phookamsak R, Jeewon R, Wen Jing Li, Hyde KD, Jones EBG, Camporesi E, Promputtha I.
Title A family level rDNA based phylogeny of Cucurbitariaceae and Fenestellaceae with descriptions of new Fenestella species and Neocucurbitaria gen. nov.
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(4) 397–414


Number 31
Authors Phukhamsakda C, Bhat DJ, Hongsanan S, Tibpromma S, Yang JB, Promputtha I
Title Magnicamarosporium diospyricola sp. nov. (Sulcatisporaceae) from Thailand
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(4) 512–520


Number 32
Authors Zhang JF, Liu JK, Hyde KD, Yang W, Liu ZY
Title Fungi from Asian Karst formations II. Two new species of Occultibambusa (Occultibambusaceae, Dothideomycetes) from karst landforms of China
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(3) 550–559


Number 33
Authors Arai H, Tamai Y, Yajima T, Obase K, Miyamoto T
Title Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities associated with Quercus dentata in a coastal broadleaf forest
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(4) 561–567


Number 34
Authors Meshram V, Kapoor N, Chopra G, Saxena
Title Muscodor camphora, a new endophytic species from Cinnamomum camphora
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(4) 568–582


Number 35
Authors Prabhugaonkar A, Pratibha J
Title New record of Trichoglossum rasum from Asia
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(4) 583–591


Number 36
Authors Vishwakarma P, Singh P, Tripathi NN
Title In-vitro antioxidant activity and nutritional value of four wild oyster mushroom collected from North-Eastern Part of Uttar Pradesh
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(4) 592–602


Number 37
Authors Karunarathna A, Phookamsak R, Wanasinghe DN, Wijayawardene NN, Weerahewa HLD, Khan S, Wang Y
Title Taxonomy and phylogeny of Sparticola muriformis sp. nov. on decaying grass
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(4) 603–614


Issue 5 (SI Diaporthe)
Number 38
Authors Santos L, Phillips AJL, Crous P, Alves A
Title Diaporthe species on Rosaceae with descriptions of D. pyracanthae sp. nov. and D. malorum sp. nov.
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(3) 485–511


Number 39
Authors Dissanayake AJ, Zhang W, Liu M, Hyde KD, Zhao W, Li XH, Yan JY
Title Diaporthe species associated with peach tree dieback in Hubei, China
Page Numbers Mycosphere 8(3) 533–549


Issue 6 (SI Tropical Wood Degrading Fungi)
Number 40
Authors Yu-Cheng Dai
Title Editorial – New taxa of wood-inhabiting fungi from the tropics
Page Numbers 560


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