Volume 2 - Index

Issue 1
Number 1
Authors Hyde KD, McKenzie EHC, KoKo TW
Title Towards incorporating anamorphic fungi in a natural classification – checklist and notes for 2010
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(1), 1–88


Issue 2
Number 2
Authors Ranadive KR,Vaidya JG, Jite PK, Ranade VD, Bhosale SR, Rabba AS, Hakimi M, Deshpande GS, Rathod MM, Forutan A, Kaur M, Naik-Vaidya CD, Bapat GS, Lamrood P
Title Checklist of Aphyllophorales from the Western Ghats of Maharashtra State, India
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(2), 91–114


Number 3
Authors Wulandari NF, To–Anun C, McKenzie EHC and Hyde KD
Title Guignardia bispora and G. ellipsoidea spp. nov. and other Guignardia species from palms (Arecaceae)
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(2), 115–128


Number 4
Authors Monga M, Goyal M, Kalra KL, Soni G
Title Production and stabilization of amylases from Aspergillus niger
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(2), 129–134


Number 5
Authors Winsett KE, Stephenson SL
Title Global distribution and molecular diversity of Didymium difforme
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(2), 135–146


Number 6
Authors Thirunavukkarasu N, Suryanarayanan TS, Murali TS, Ravishankar JP, Gummadi SN
Title L-asparaginase from marine derived fungal endophytes of seaweeds
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(2), 147–155


Number 7
Authors Hosagoudar VB, Riju MC
Title Sarcinella tamarindi sp. nov. from Kerala, India
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(2), 157–160


Number 8
Authors Choeyklin R, Hattori T, Jones EBG
Title A checklist of aphyllophoraceous fungi in Thailand: Part I. New records
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(2), 161–177


Number 9
Authors Kinge TR, Mih AM
Title Ganoderma ryvardense sp. nov. associated with basal stem rot (BSR) disease of oil palm in Cameroon
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(2), 179–188


Issue 3
Number 10
Authors Guimarães JB, Chambel L, Melzoch K, Pereira P, Tenreiro R.
Title Cladosporium sp. from phyloplane: a diversity evaluation on a Continental ecosystem
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(3), 191–201


Number 11
Authors Tayung K, Barik BP, Jha DK, Deka DC.
Title Identification and characterization of antimicrobial metabolite from an endophytic fungus, Fusarium solani isolated from bark of Himalayan yew
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(3), 203–213


Number 12
Authors Hosagoudar VB, Sabeena A, Kamarudeen M.
Title A new species of the genus Englerula from India
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(3), 215–217


Number 13
Authors Manimohan P, Mannethody S.
Title Zygosporium gibbum: a new and remarkable rust hyper-parasite
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(3), 219–222


Number 14
Authors Khan SS, Manimohan P.
Title Diversity and abundance of marine fungi on driftwood collected from Kerala State and Lakshadweep Islands, India
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(3), 223–229


Number 15
Authors Divarangkoon R, Meeboon J, Monkhung S, To-anun C, Takamatsu S.
Title Two new species of Erysiphe (Erysiphales, Ascomycota) from Thailand
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(3), 231–238


Number 16
Authors Sun Y, Wang Q, Lu XD, Okane I, Kakishima M.
Title Endophytic fungi associated with two Suaeda species growing in alkaline soil in China
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(3), 239–248


Number 17
Authors Goyal M, Soni G.
Title Production and characterization of cellulolytic enzymes by Pleurotus florida
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(3), 249–254


Number 18
Authors Shivanna MB, Vasanthakumari MM.
Title Temporal and spatial variability of rhizosphere and rhizoplane fungal communities in grasses of the subfamily Chloridoideae in the Lakkavalli region of the Western Ghats in India
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(3), 255–271


Number 19
Authors Castañeda-Ruiz RF, Heredia G, Arias RM, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD, Stadler M, Saikawa M, Gené J, Guarro J, Iturriaga T, Minter DW, Crous PW.
Title A new species and re-disposed taxa in Repetophragma
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(3), 273–289


Issue 4
Number 20
Authors Vizzini A, Dähncke RM, Contu M.
Title Clitopilus rubroparvulus (Basidiomycota, Agaricomy-cetes), a new species from the Canary Islands (Spain)
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 291–295


Number 21
Authors Bhattacharyya PN, Jha DK.
Title Seasonal and Depth-wise variation in Microfungal Population Numbers in Nameri forest soil, Assam, Northeast India.
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 297–305


Number 22
Authors Seephueak P, Phongpaichit S, Hyde KD, Petcharat V.
Title Diversity of saprobic fungi on decaying branch litter of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis)
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 307–330


Number 23
Authors Doveri F.
Title Addition to "Fungi Fimicoli Italici": An update on the occurrence of coprophilous Basidiomycetes and Ascomycetes in Italy with new records and descriptions
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 331–427


Number 24
Authors Refaei J, Jones EBG, Sakayaroj J, Santhanam J.
Title Endophytic fungi from Rafflesia cantleyi: species diversity and antimicrobial activity
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 429–447


Number 25
Authors Dagamac NHA, dela Cruz TEE, Pangilinan MVB, Stephenson SL.
Title List of species collected and interactive database of myxomycetes (plasmodial slime molds) for Mt. Arayat National Park, Pampanga, Philippines
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 449–455


Number 26
Authors De-Wei Li.
Title Five trillion basidiospores in a fruiting body of Calvatia gigantea
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 457–462


Number 27
Authors Prabhugaonkar A, Bhat DJ.
Title New record of Megacapitula villosa and Paradictyoarthrinium diffractum from India
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 463–467


Number 28
Authors Mohanty PS, Harsh NSK, Pandey A.
Title First report of Ganoderma resinaceum and G. weberianum from north India based on ITS sequence analysis and micromorphology
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 469–474


Number 29
Authors Barbosa FR, Gusmão LFP.
Title Conidial fungi from semi-arid Caatinga Biome of Brazil. Rare freshwater hyphomycetes and other new records
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 475–485


Number 30
Authors Clark J, Haskins EF.
Title Principles and protocols for genetical study of myxomycete reproductive systems and plasmodial coalescence
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 487–496


Number 31
Authors Songachan LS, Kayang H.
Title Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in pine forest of Meghalaya, North East India
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 497–505


Number 32
Authors Songulashvili G, Jimenéz-Tobón G, Jaspers C, Penninckx MJ.
Title High production of laccase by Ganoderma lucidum 447 in submerged cultivation on ethanol production residue supplemented with Cu2+
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 507–513


Number 33
Authors Vasilyeva LN.
Title Quaternaria carpinicola, a comb. nov. (Diatrypaceae)
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(4), 515–517


Issue 5
Number 34
Authors Arafiles KHV, Alcantara JCO, Batoon JAL, Galura FS, Cordero PRF, Leaño EM, Dedeles GR.
Title Cultural optimization of thraustochytrids for biomass and fatty acid production
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(5), 521–531


Number 35
Authors Manimohan P, Amritha M, Sairabanu NK.
Title A comparison of diversity of marine fungi on three co-habiting mangrove plants
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(5), 533–538


Number 36
Authors Zelski SE, Raja HA, Miller AN, Barbosa FR, Gusmão LFP, Shearer CA.
Title Longicollum biappendiculatum gen. et sp. nov., a new freshwater ascomycete from the Neotropics
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(5), 539–545


Number 37
Authors Gelardi M, Segneri G, Ercole E, Vizzini A.
Title Paxillus involutus f. eburneus f. nov., a molecularly confirmed infraspecific taxon in the P. involutus complex from Italy
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(5), 547–554


Number 38
Authors Winsett KE.
Title Intraspecific variation in response to spore-to-spore cultivation in the myxomycete, Didymium squamulosum
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2 (5), 555–564, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/2/5


Number 39
Authors Yulo PRJ, dela Cruz TEE.
Title Cellular slime molds isolated from Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(5), 565–573, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/5/6


Number 40
Authors Thalavaipandian A, Ramesh V, Bagyalakshmi, Muthuramkumar S, Rajendran A
Title Diversity of fungal endophytes in medicinal plants of Courtallam hills, Western Ghats, India
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(5), 575-582, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/5/7


Number 41
Authors Rojas C, Stephenson SL, Pavlich M.
Title New additions to the myxobiota of Peru
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2 (5), 583-592, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/5/8


Number 42
Authors Zelski SE, Raja HA, Miller AN, Shearer CA.
Title Chaetorostrum quincemilensis, gen. et sp. nov., a new freshwater ascomycete and its Taeniolella-like anamorph from Peru
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(5), 593-600, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/5/9


Number 43
Authors Anupama PD, Praveen KD, Singh RK, Kumar S, Srivastava AK, Arora DK.
Title A psychrophilic and halotolerant strain of Thelebolus microsporus from Pangong Lake, Himalaya
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(5), 601-609, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/5/10


Issue 6
Number 44
Authors Hosagoudar VB, Jagath Thimmaiah C, Jayashankara M.
Title Five Asteridiella species from Kodagu, Karnataka, India
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(6), 611-615, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/6/1


Number 45
Authors Mardones-Hidalgo M, Iturriaga T.
Title Diversity and substrate partitioning of Discomycetes in a cloud forest in Venezuela
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(6), 617-625, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/6/2


Number 46
Authors Islam NF, Borthakur SK
Title Study of fungi associated with decomposition of rice stubble and their role in degradation of lignin and holocellulose
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(6), 627-635, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/6/3


Number 47
Authors Herrera NA, Rojas C, Franco-Molano AE, Stephenson SL, Echeverri F.
Title Physarella oblonga-centered bioassays for testing the biological activity of myxomycetes
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2 (6), 637–644, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/6/4


Number 48
Authors Hustad VP, Miller AN, Moingeon J-M, Priou J-P
Title Inclusion of Nothomitra in Geoglossomycetes
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2 (6), 637–644, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/6/4


Number 49
Authors Raudabaugh DB, Overton BE, Zelski SE, Miller AN.
Title Pure culture response of bryophilous fungi to matric-induced water stress
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(6), 646-654, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/6/5


Number 50
Authors Selim KA, El-Beih AA, AbdEl-Rahman TM, El-Diwany AI.
Title Biodiversity and antimicrobial activity of endophytes associated with Egyptian medicinal plants
Page Numbers Mycosphere 2(6), 656–667, Doi 10.5943/mycosphere/2/6/6


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