Mycosphere Online - Index of journals


Issue number 1

No. Authors Title Page No.
1 Pinnoi A, Phongpaichit P, Jeewon R, Tang AMC, Hyde KD and Jones EBG Phylogenetic relationships of Astrocystis eleiodoxae sp. nov. (Xylariaceae) Mycosphere
1, 1–9
2 Pearman JK Taylor JE and Kinghorn JR Fungi in aquatic habitats near St Andrews in Scotland Mycosphere
1, 11 – 21
3 Shanthi S and Vittal BPR Biodiversity of microfungi associated with litter of Pavetta indica Mycosphere
1, 23–37
4 Fournier J and Lechat C Phomatospora luteotingens sp. nov., a new aquatic species of Phomatospora from France and Spain Mycosphere
1, 39 – 43
5 Vasilyeva LN and Stephenson SL The problems of traditional and phylogenetic taxonomy of fungi Mycosphere
1, 45 – 51
6 Pinruan U, Rungjindamai N, Sakayaroj J, Lumyong S, Hyde KD and Jones EBG Baipadisphaeria gen. nov., a freshwater ascomycete (Hypocreales, Sordariomycetes) from decaying palm leaves in Thailand. Mycosphere
1, 53–63
7 Pratibha J Amandeep K, Shenoy BD and Bhat DJ Caliciopsis indica sp. nov. from India. Mycosphere
1, 65–72
8 Rojas C, Stephenson SL, Estrada-Torres A, Valverde R and Morales O New records of myxomycetes from high-elevation areas of Mexico and Guatemala Mycosphere
1, 73–82
9 Vizzini A and Contu M Lyophyllum rosae-mariae sp. nov. (Basidiomycota, Agaricomycetes) from La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain). Mycosphere
1, 83–86

Issue number 2

No. Authors Title Page No.
10 Sridhar KR and Sudheep NM Diurnal fluctuation of spores of freshwater hyphomycetes in two tropical streams. Mycosphere 1(2), 89–101
11 Doveri F Occurrence of coprophilous Agaricales in Italy, new records, and comparisons with their European and extraeuropean distribution. Mycosphere 1(2), 103–140
12 Vizzini A, Consiglio G, Setti L and Murat C The agaricoid genus Kinia is a new member of the Pluteoid clade subordinate to Melanoleuca. Mycosphere 1(2), 141–145
13 Cavender JC, Landolt JC, Ndiritu GG, Stephenson SL Dictyostelid cellular slime moulds from Africa Mycosphere 1(2), 147-152
14 Aly AH, Debbab A, Edrada-Ebel RA, Müller WEG, Kubbutat MHG, Wray V, Ebel R, Proksch P Protein kinase inhibitors and other cytotoxic metabolites from the fungal endophyte Stemphylium botryosum isolated from Chenopodium album. Mycosphere 1(2), 153-162
15 Vasilyeva LN New species of pyrenomycetes from eastern Russia: Endoxylina rufula (Diatrypaceae) Mycosphere 1(2), 163–166
16 Charoenpakdee S, Cherdchai P, Dell B, Lumyong S The mycorrhizal status of indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of physic nut (Jatropha curcas) in Thailand Mycosphere 1(2), 167–181
17 Trouillas FP, Sosnowski MR, Gubler WD Two new species of Diatrypaceae from coastal wattle in Coorong National Park, South Australia Mycosphere 1(2), 183–188

Issue number 3

No. Authors Title Page No.
18 Veena SS and Meera Pandey A simple method for culture conservation of some commercial mushrooms Mycosphere 1(3), 191–194
19 Charoenpakdee S, Phosri C, Dell B, Choonluechanon S, Lumyong S Compatible arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi of Jatropha curcas and spore multiplication using cereal crops. Mycosphere 1(3) 195–204
20 Phengsintham P, Chukeatirote E , McKenzie EHC, Moslem MA, Hyde KD, Braun U Two new species and a new record of cercosporoids from Thailand. Mycosphere 1(3), 205–212
21 Zhurbenko MP New and interesting lichenicolous fungi from Eurasia. II Mycosphere 1(3), 213–222
22 McKenzie EHC, Park D, Bellgard SE, Johnston PR A new species of Pyricularia (hyphomycetes) on Cortaderia (Poaceae) in New Zealand Mycosphere 1(3),223–228
23 Banerjee D, Strobel GA, Booth E, Geary B, Sears J, Spakowicz D, Busse S An endophytic Myrothecium inundatum producing volatile organic compounds
Mycosphere 1(3), 229–240
24 Khade SW Dentiscutata nigerita - a new species of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from India
Mycosphere 1(3), 241–247
25 Bhosle S, Ranadive K, Bapat G, Garad S, Deshpande G, Vaidya J Taxonomy and Diversity of Ganoderma from the Western parts of Maharashtra (India) Mycosphere 1(3), 249–262

Issue number 4

No. Authors Title Page No.
26 Shankar NB and Shashikala J. Diversity and structure of fungal endophytes in some climbers and grass species of Malnad region, Western Ghats, Southern India Mycosphere 1(4), 265–274
27 Raja HA, Miller AN, Shearer CA Freshwater Ascomycetes: Hyalorostratum brunneisporum, a new genus and species in the Diaporthales (Sordariomycetidae, Sordariomycetes) from North America Mycosphere 1(4), 275–288
28 Cabrera MG, Vobis G, Álvarez RE Powdery mildew on Salvia officinalis in Corrientes, Argentina Mycosphere 1(4), 289–291
29 Olufokunbi JO, Chiejina NV Impact of substrate on protein content and yield of mushrooms and sclerotia of Pleurotus tuberregium in Nigeria Mycosphere 1(4), 293–300
30 Bhilabutra W, McKenzie EHC, Hyde KD, Lumyong S Fungi on the grasses, Thysanolaena latifolia and Saccharum spontaneum, in northern Thailand Mycosphere 1(4), 301–314
31 Nakashima C, Oetari A, Kanti A, Saraswati R, Widyastuti Y, Ando K New species and newly recorded species of Cercospora and allied genera from Indonesia
Mycosphere 1(4), 315–323
32 Wulandari NF, To-Anun C, Hyde KD Guignardia morindae frog eye leaf spotting disease of Morinda citrifolia (Rubiaceae)
Mycosphere 1(4), 325–331
33 Stephenson SL, Rajguru SN Dictyostelid cellular slime moulds in agricultural soils Mycosphere 1(4), 333–336
34 Clark J, Haskins EF Reproductive systems in the myxomycetes: a review Mycosphere 1(4),